The Kyoto treaty that was agreed up on in 1997, came into full force in 2005 but commonly and generally reduced to a vague historic moment in time, confronted the public opinion with the drastic consequences of the globalization and more specific the evolution of the world economy. 

Global warming and reduction of the CO2 emission has been a “hot topic” within the worldwide political circle. Through different and mainly social media the subject invaded subsequently the day to day life of all world citizens who started realizing how massive the impact already was on the quality of life of the actual generation but so much more on the generation of their own children and grandchildren and all generations yet to come. Common sense kicks in and make people realize that definitely something has to change !

Transferium Biomass translates the suggestions and ideas into concrete steps within many product fields throughout Europe and the surrounding continents. Transferium Biomass goes beyond …

Transferium Biomass is the link between source and processor.
Transferium Biomass links all stakeholders through sourcing, transforming a variety of products, logistic support and outsourcing.

Transferium Biomass continuously realizes that the complete chain always has to be questioned and balanced against the “carbon footprint”. Then again, the carbon footprint encourages us to work according to the “lean and mean” principle.

A small organization with major impact through :

  • Experience in relation to a huge variety of products and their potential use
  • Expertise with regard to the “ins & outs” by all team members accounting for the business
  • Access to and pick up of all latest expertise concerning developments, trends, techniques and legislation
  • Flexible and swift responsiveness through personal contact, prompt approach and realization
  • Commitment with regard to responsibility and obligations related to international regulations

Targeting realistic and economically workable solutions for all stakeholders