Transferium Biomass links small, medium and big actors in sustainable collecting and recycling business with major players in the field of green energy production, whether electricity or heath/steam. We mediate as well in the wood-based as in the non-wood-based industry.

We bridge the gap between the parties colleting biomass and the ones using them as alternative green biofuels. Solid long-term agreements with oversea partners secure a sensible and responsible disposal/use of the biomass volumes which cannot be placed as an energy source within the Benelux or surrounding countries.

Through our expertise and networking, we assist parties that cannot fall back on a professional in-house sales structure or experience difficulties in setting up a logistic chain.  

Sustainable solutions are in essence only sustainable when bigger volumes are moved in one go. All transportation modes used for road haulage or water-based transport always guarantee the best option in combining maximum volume and minimal emission. 90 Cbm on the road against up to 8.000 Cbm by sea transport. That is the only way to reduce the carbon footprint to the max.

In the field of waste wood and wood recycling we respect the cascade principle as far as possible so that the wood can be used as a raw material for a variety of products. That is why Transferium Biomass focuses mainly on “second generation waste wood”

Transferium Biomass offers its partners :

Second generation waste wood (A/B-B-C-D)
SRF/RDF (low, medium and high calorific industrial waste)
Screening residues

15000 cbm under roof stock capacity
Mobile dock crane with 23 m reach
In-house cranes with dedicated grabbers for specific product, bobcats, …
In-house shredder for second generation waste wood
In-house sorting line for screening residues and industrial waste
In-house star screen
In-house laboratory

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